no theory

‘So please do not begin with the false – as being the inapplicable-word “theory”. I had no theory when, out of what appeared to be a tangle, I got hold of the one right end of this string of facts, and found to my amazement that it unwound in orderly fashion and complete logical sequence’.  Early British Trackways, Moats, Mounds, Camps and Sites’,   Alfred Watkins 1922

alfred watkins 411 harewood harewood park, scotch firs in a circle


I began a year ago with a coincidental question to the librarian Anne-Marie in Hereford Library – which was if by any chance they happened to have anything more in their collection about beekeeping and Alfred Watkins (as I had previously seen one glass plated photograph of a bee demonstration van). A trip downstairs  to the windowless underbelly of the library revealed shelves of books all dated 638.1.

book collection